Why Talus?

Simply: Execution, cost, safety, financial strength.


Talus delivers – on time, and on budget. Talus has been delivering rock-solid project execution for over 20 years, and its principals have experience dating back even further. In short, nobody does underground utility installation as well as Talus. Our successful projects throughout Northern California are testimony to our philosophy of always coming through for the client. A key strength is our ability to deftly coordinate equipment and personnel with tight schedules, difficult excavation and installation challenges, and multiple trades – all the while minimizing the impact on the environment, existing business operations, and surrounding communities.


Our cost controls and well-honed processes have enabled us to successfully bid and complete hundreds of projects throughout Northern California. We have a solid track record of cost effective project execution with the major general contractors, commercial property developers, and municipalities in the region. This is further enhanced by our outstanding safety record, which contributes to our very low mod rate.


Safety is job one, as they say. Nowhere is this more evident than at Talus, which has one of the lowest mod rates in the business. Routine safety training, our own carefully-maintained equipment, and procedures that have been refined over more than twenty years all contribute to an outstanding safety track record.

Financial Strength.

Founded in 1991, Talus has completed hundreds of projects throughout Northern California, and has established itself as one of the key resources for the region’s construction industry. You can count on the financial strength of Talus, which enables it to field teams and equipment that allow it to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

Your project deserves the best execution, a focus on safety, and cost-effective on-time delivery. Contact Talus to get started today.

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